You CANNOT Force Fit Prophecy

The worst thing you can do is receive a prophetic word and PRESUMPTUOUSLY try to force fit it in your life. Guess what? That word you received has a season attached to it. It has a sign and a time and you can pull your best ideas out the hat to force fit and it won’t work!! 

You have to be processed to get to where the WORD is. The prophetic word is in your future, maybe not so distant, but it isahead of you. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REMAIN IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE WORD AND THE PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED.

Stop frustrating and aggravating yourself trying to figure out something that is on a higher intellectual realm than you. Occupy yourself in the will of God and GOD will make it happen. NOT YOU! Leave Ishmael in the loins of Abraham and believe God for the Isaac promise.

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