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Are You A Force Fitted Drawer in the Dresser of the Lord?

Have you ever had a drawer in your dresser that was off track? No matter how you would try to shut that drawer it just won’t set perfectly within the dresser. And even when you try to force it in, it makes a weird noise while it tries to fit awkwardly within the dresser. That drawer won’t fit flush with the dresser and it will stand out among the other drawers. Well that is how you and I appear in the spirit realm when we try to ‘get in’ where we don’t ‘fit in’.

We stand out like a sore thumb. We may be that misplaced drawer in the dresser that looks like all the others but just don’t fit in. We can force ourselves, wiggle ourselves, and shove ourselves in all we want to but what we end up doing is making noise and not a ‘sound’ because we don’t fit. Further, we can actually end up doing damage to our ownselves because a forced dresser has bent tracks. And if you force fit it long enough, it takes a professional to replace the bent tracks that it will fit along its intended grooves.

Is that you? Are you the drawer (Container or Vessel) that is being force fitted? Are you being shoved into place or do you glide in with relative ease? Are you releasing noise (caused by painful fittings) or are you releasing sound? Do you fit flush with the dresser (unit) or are you awkwardly settled? Thank God that Jesus is a Carpenter who knows how to FIT US IN. He knows how to replace our worn out and damaged tracks. He causes us to glide into place unrestricted. He fits us flush with the Body that we are perfectly fitted. Jesus repairs awkward drawers. Aren’t you glad about that? I know I am.

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