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Rebellion Causes Beauty to Turn Hideous

Earlier this evening (Friday) I felt the atmosphere becoming quite ominous. I settled my spirit and the Lord revealed to me that I was being watched in the spirit realm. I took authority over evil observers and quieted my spirit to see what would happen next. All of a sudden my entire body began to ache with incredible pain to the point that I was nearly incapacitated. I was returning a call to one my mentees and she immediately begin to pick up something in the atmosphere and began to pray. As she prayed, Holy Spirit said, watch out for the witches. At that point, still weak in the body, I set my inner man on watch.

My husband and my daughter kept their eyes on me and told me to lie down and get some rest. I did that but when I awoke, I could feel the atmosphere was still disturbed. My husband took the family out for a movie and I started to remain at home but regardless to how I was feeling, I felt prompted to go.

Lo and behold, as the movie began, a beautiful young woman was being portrayed as a potential love interest for this particular young man. When he refused her advances or so she thought, this beautiful young woman turned into a hideous creature with one motive which was to destroy her former love interest through sorcery. I could have fallen face down on the floor. Here the Lord was showing me precisely what was taking place in the spirit realm by using the foolishness of a movie.

The Lord revealed to me that there are people who will love the ground you walk on as long as all is yes and amen. But the moment you disagree with them or bring correction in an area they don’t want you to touch, their countenance changes toward you. The Lord showed me just how quick a friend can turn into an enemy. Further, it can be the ones closest to you that does you the most harm because they have become common with you and can take you for granted.

All I could do was to remain prayerful and lift the situation in prayer because God shows His mercy to the merciful. But when Holy Spirit shines light in dark places, you may be completely surprised at what you see. Even through that, guard your spirit against any darkness that may try to enter your own soul because Light overpowers the darkness any day, all day. And God will always deliver His elect.

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