word of wisdom

Children of Sarah’s Womb…Laughter

What kind of ‘power of God’ can you have and yet walk around in life being miserable and sad ALL THE TIME? The anointing brings with it the OIL OF GLADNESS! My God, cheer up. Put a smile on your face and let somebody know that Jesus is alive and well. All is not lost and even if it is, our God is the Creator. He can re-make some things for you if He has to.

Sarah’s womb was barren and her body was stricken with age. But God supernaturally RE-MADE her womb! He gave her a new womb full of virtue, full of strength and full of capabilities to birth millions. Isaac wasn’t her only child, YOU AND I are her children by the Spirit too!
If you don’t have it, attract the power of God to it, and let God work in your life. We are not people without hope. The Hope of Glory abides within us. So get up, get going, and get to it. The Kingdom of God is advancing, you are apart of its momentum

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