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Wash Those Dirty Feet

Have you ever visited someone’s home and they meet you at the door by telling you to take your shoes off? For some it may be a religious thing, but for many it’s because they have cleaned carpet or light colored carpet and they don’t want it stained.

Do you know all of what your shoes have picked up during your daily travels? Do you know how many germs, bacteria, and disease are attached to the bottom of your shoes and the dirt and mud beyond all of that?

I am reminded of God telling Moses to take off his shoes because the ground upon which he stood was holy. Makes me wonder. What have we tracked into the church, God’s holy ground? Where have we been that we are bringing deposits of it into the church? Have we stepped in a little gossip? Have we slipped in a little fornication (sinful sex of all types)? What are we tracking into the place of prayer? What is the residue on us that follows us into worship? What is that sticky, gooey stuff that leaves a trail everywhere we go?

The Spirit of God says to take those shoes off before you enter My House. Colossians 3:8, “But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth”. He says to QUIT TRACKING BACTERIA into the place I have hallowed and sanctified unto Myself.

Jesus washed the disciples feet as an act of humility and demonstrated servant hood. Some saints still do that and that is well. But the type of foot washing we need to see today is that which sets our brothers and sisters free from the dirty shoes they have been wearing. Jesus commanded Legion to leave the man of Gadara and they did. All 6,000+ of them entered a herd of pigs and guess where they all ended up? In the water! Let’s get back to foot washing so we can keep the House clean!

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