Watch Your Prophecy and Expect Results

As prophets, we have to walk in a place of unconscious faith. We have to believe God even when it’s hard to believe God. I was sharing a testimony with my church fam a few moments ago about standing on what God has said, believing in it, and acting upon it.

This morning I had a vision of someone standing before me with a debit card. Behind their debit card were papers shifting in a recurring cycle. I went to the person’s house and I declared what the Lord showed me.

I said, This morning I saw you standing before me holding up a debit card. Behind your debit card there papers shifting in a cycle. I interpreted the vision. There is a recurring cycle, a flow of money coming to you but it’s going to be placed on your debit card. They kind of looked at me stunned but I was confident in what I had seen.

As I got up to leave, not even 10 minutes later, the person’s phone rang. The caller was from an agency calling them to confirm their bank routing information because they had just been approved for a monthly type of income. The caller specifically asked, DO YOU HAVE A DEBIT CARD? Not only that, the papers shifting behind the debit card were BACK PAYMENTS that were being applied to the debit card!

Needless to say, I had church!!

I say that to say this, your faith is what is going to expedite the prophetic word. Don’t lay on what the Lord is telling you and showing you. I’m in the habit now of finding a witness of what the Lord is telling me. Even if it doesn’t make sense at first, I find somebody to tell to WATCH the word with me. As a prophet, don’t just release the word BUT WATCH FOR IT. There are certain words the Lord will HASTEN AND EXPEDITE on your behalf, but you must watch for it. To watch means TO EXPECT THE WORD TO REVEAL ITSELF IN THE PHYSICAL REALM. Watch your words, prophets.

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