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Shift Already!

Shift. Shift. Shift.

Nearly everyone and their cousin has been prophesying it, but why when the SHIFT comes, we don’t?

Change is inevitable. It’s going to happen with or without your permission and it does not wait on your consent. Things weren’t designed to stay the same. Everything has to evolve in some type of way or we lose touch with our society. (Can you imagine traveling now without a GPS? Can you imagine a kitchen without a microwave? Change brought that about!) (It’s okay if you don’t have a GPS or microwave, don’t lose the point!)

Have you ever seen an infant remain an infant for years? No. Then why are we sometimes so hesitant and reluctant to growth? Let me suggest that we do so because we become so COMFORTABLE with the way things are that we resist any hint of change for fear that we will be required to either step up, step out, or step away. That’s what change does; it moves things. Change brings transition. Change brings change.

The Bible calls people who are resistant to change, old wine skins. Old wine skins burst because it has lost its elasticity to stretch to hold new wine. As long as the old wine remains within the old skin, it is fine. But if you try to pour new wine into an old skin, the fermenting of the wine expands and the old wine skin is incapable of handling the expansion. What’s my point? Glad you asked? Change must be accommodated by a renewed mind or the change becomes forced and anything forced is uncooperative.

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