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Though We Suffer, Christ is our Hope of Glory

No one may want to hear this, but there are difficult times ahead of us, all of us. Those of us in Christ will experience more challenges of our faith such as we never had before. We are going to have to demonstrate who we are in beyond who we say we are. Much of what we see happening in religious circles will fade away, especially that which is not founded on the Rock. People are going to get tired, fed up, and many will walk away because they will become weary of the religious games that many are playing with their souls. They are going to seek out the ones who will deal with them truthfully, such as the woman of Samaria. They won’t care about getting feelings hurt, they will be tired of lies and hypocrisy and will want the truth.

The games and ‘new inventions’ of Christianity we see today will prove to be false. And the get rich quick schemes at the expense of the Church will fade as well. Only what you do for Christ will remain. We are believers of the Lord, our God, but that does not exempt us from pain and suffering. The Godly WILL suffer but we are not a people without hope. Christ is our Hope of Glory and if we are building and advancing through any other means or if our hearts are not purified before the Father, it will show.

King Asa fortified the city in time of peace. We do well to do that as well. When things are going well, fortify. Don’t wait until the trial hits your house to run to the prayer closet. Pray now. Purge yourself from all that separates you from your God because if you don’t, your way will become very hard. Train your children; the enemy has plans to destroy them since he can’t get to you. Take what God shows you at face value and stop procrastinating. Focus your eyes and fine tune your vision. Work while it is day and learn to budget.

Listen to Holy Spirit and when He opens doors, walk through them without delay. Stop pouting when things don’t go your way rather ask the Lord why it is so. Discern your environment and use great wisdom in all you do. Build your relationships on truth and nothing false. Live honest and be pure in heart so God can hear you speedily when you pray. You are favored, blessed, anointed, and called but there will still come a time of testing. We are no more special to God than David, Job, or Paul. If they went through intense times of testing and challenges, so must you and I.

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