church life

Don’t Grieve Holy Spirit

To grieve Holy Spirit is to deny His presence and His power. When He is moving, do you take delight? Do you bask in the ambiance of it or do you sit as a knot on a log?

My husband prayed for someone at the altar yesterday and when he laid his hands on the brother, the power of Holy Spirit hit him so hard that it threw me backwards! I felt the presence of God hit him and it moved me simultaneously.

The power of God is so real and so life changing. Don’t grieve Holy Spirit. When He wants to speak, permit Him. When He wants to deliver, allow Him. When He wants to empower, release Him. And when He corrects you, receive Him.

The person who is Holy Spirit filled will AUTOMATICALLY praise and glorify God. They can’t help it because that is what is alive and burning within them. Let God REALLY have His way and watch what happens!
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