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What’s More Important? Your Title or the Work of God Going Forth

Wisdom in Conduct for Women in Ministry

When the Lord first called me to apostolic office, He gave me a strong message. He told me that I would stand in the fullness of apostolic office, but that I would be unmistakably woman.

I would not need to “prove” myself or force anyone to submit to or accept my position. You see, I am confident in whom God has made me. In fact, I am so confident that I do not mind putting my title down if it offends. Does that sound like compromise or wisdom to you?

Let me ask you this though, what matters most here? If someone knows that I am apostle or if God’s people are fed?

Not every culture is ready for women to walk in apostolic office. So what should I do? Force my agenda or fulfill my calling? The Lord told me that there would be times when I would need to drop my title and go “under cover” so to speak. He said that in those times people would be ministered to by an apostle. They would see apostolic anointing in motion.

I would leave having walked, talked and ministered as an apostle… the only thing is… they would never know it. Before He released me into office, He asked me to be willing to pay that price.

I have never looked back since.

The reason for this is that I discovered that my call was not vested in my gender or even my own gifts. My calling is vested in Jesus Christ and that is all that matters. The Word says that if your hand makes your brother stumble to cut it off. However, I see many women trying to “shove that hand” down the proverbial throats of those not ready to accept it.
I Will Let You in on the Secrets I Found

Because I was willing to drop my title, people did not ask me to. Men who did not approve of women teachers respected me enough to listen. However, if you come with your agenda, you will prove nothing more than that your confidence is in your title and not in God.

God is using women in ministry more than ever before. The reason is that society is way more ready to accept it today than before. Not every culture is ready though and we must use wisdom if we want to reach people for Christ. We cannot go around forcing people to accept titles that they do not understand. What we can do though is walk in humility and in so doing walk in power!

If God has called you to the work of the ministry then do all that is in your heart to do. Right now the Church needs mothers more than it ever has before. It needs the likes of Deborah (known as the mother of Israel) who will fight for God’s people.

The Church needs Sarah (another mother of Israel) to birth forth a new generation of believers.

The Church needs Mary – those that will conceive and birth the promises of God into the earth. It needs the Hanna’s and the Rebekah’s who were willing to do what God told them to do!

When you are faithful, you can rest assured that you have your “big daddy” at your back protecting you. – Collete Toach

You have to know who you are and whose you are. Don’t ever let the fact of people rejecting your title cause them to miss the message. Paul said, “I become all things to win some.” You have to make concessions sometimes and go in undercover that Kingdom assignment of the Lord is carried out. If you are a prophet and the people only receive you as Sis. Jane, then Sis. Jane it is. Your title does not make you, it gives you a function. You are more than a function, you are also a person. Go in as Missionary Jane is that is how they receive you, but the bottom line is that by the time you are done ministering that someone hears the Lord Jesus calling them. And if all the angels rejoice over that, who cares what they call you!

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