spiritual symbolism, Spiritual Warfare

Bruise the Enemy’s Head

About 16 years ago when I was carrying my second child, I was bitten by a snake. I was leaving church after noon day prayer and was bitten on my left ankle as I got into my car. I ran back into the church where the members called paramedics while the others ran outside the find the snake. Moments later, they returned with the report that the snake had wrapped itself around my front tire which they removed and killed.

I reminisce that day from time to time, especially considering that the two women who killed the snake have gone home to be with Lord, one was my mother in law and the other a close family friend. I am reminded of the enmity placed between woman and the serpent and that even to this day, thousands of years later, the enemy is still bruising our heal and we are still crushing his head. When I see a woman of God going forth in prayer, delivery of the Word or just being a faithful and devoted mother or wife, I am reminded of our everyday battle to crush the enemy’s head. I am also reminded of those women, the Titus women, who come to the rescue and aid of the younger woman to finish off the battles she lacks the strength or the knowledge to fight.

I tip my hat to every veteran in the faith, male and female, who are standing behind, beside and sometimes in front of the next generation of spiritual leaders. May the blessings of the Lord be yours in Jesus name.

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