word of wisdom

Trust Me Even When The Answer is No

My son, My daughter, I hear that you are asking Me to open doors for you. Understand that certain doors already have received My permission to open at a set time. But there are others I cannot open for you. I cannot open them because behind those doors are things that will break your heart. There are demonic spirits attached to certain doors so it is My will that they remain shut until you learn to overcome in that area that the opportunity that you are seeking for doesn’t destroy you when I make them available to you.
Consider my servant Lot. He saw a land afar off and without asking, he coveted it for himself. He saw riches behind that door. He saw prestige and honor behind that door but when he actually entered through those gates, he experienced the exact opposite of what he imagined. Had he have asked, I would have told him to remain with Abraham but he went on presumptuously and his hasty decision cost him his marriage, his family, his integrity, and almost his life.
So you see My son, My daughter, when you ask Me to open certain doors, I must sometimes say, “No”. My no’s are not to harm you rather they are to protect you. You can’t see afar off. You don’t know the spirits of divorce, heartache, sexually transmitted disease, mental breakdown, ministry failure, and heartbreak that hides behind the doors you want Me to open.

If you trust Me as you say you do, trust My decision to leave some doors shut. Trust Me to never withhold anything from you that is good for you. Trust Me to never slack My hand toward you whether I open the door or not. I am your Father and I know best. Trust Me My child. It is impossible for Me to steer you wrong.

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