Bible Study

Difference Between ‘Calling and Fulfilling’

Having a ‘calling’ and fulfilling the calling are two very different things. We all are called to be disciples of the Lord Jesus. Some receive more responsibility with their callings because they have proven themselves worthy of being capable of such. (Luke 12:48, Eph. 4:1) Some are more yielded than others, some are more honorable vessels than others so rightly, the Lord bestows upon them more weight but He still has no respect of persons.

But for the one holding an index card claiming they have been called, when are you planning on fulfilling that call? How many times does the Lord have to call you? Why does He have to send 20 prophets to give you the same word? What is wrong with your understanding? The Lord called His disciples, ONE TIME!! Elijah called Elisha ONE TIME! What makes you so special that He has to keep ringing your number because He keeps getting your VOICE mail? (you complain too much)

Further, just because you are called does not mean you need to make up business cards and grab a passport! Everybody ain’t sent to the nations so stop that! If your assignment is to the kids in your back yard, that is your prophetic assignment to mentor them, pray for them and see them through to college. That assignment, dear friend, is just as important in the Kingdom of God as the one holding revivals of 10,000. Obedience is obedience in all flavors.

Since the Lord has called you, get off of your excuses, get off of your seat of do nothing and DO WHAT THE LORD ‘CALLED’ YOU TO DO! You are very intelligent and you don’t need to be told the same thing every day. Be obedient, submit yourself, cut your carnal ties until you have the strength to deal with them without being influenced BY THEM and go on to Glory.

And please don’t holler CONFIRMATION because if the Lord has already told you to do this, you have just been REBUKED for being disobedient and slothful!

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