Spiritual Warfare

Witches in the Church

The practice of witches infiltrating Christian churches  in order to plant a “working” of witchcraft against a congregation is commonplace to those experienced in spiritual warfare. Some time ago, I was called by a pastor to discern such a problem in his church. The people were attending church on  Sunday morning, several started to vomit on the premises shortly after arrival. This began to happen more frequently, and soon, the numbers of people attending the services began to drop. Soon word got around that the church had a problem with witchcraft, and more and more people kept away. The church almost closed down. I was called to walk the premises to discern for anything of witchcraft which might be hidden. I found nothing. Then, the Holy Spirit quickened my spirit to examine the baptistery. I found the water dirty, with small particles of 
refuse, and, as I recall, leaves, floating on the water., although the water was supposedly changed frequently. The Holy Spirit said to me “an unclean spirit”. As I recall, even those who were being baptized were getting sick. Further exploration revealed that the cleaning woman of the church, who had been recently fired, came from a family of practicing witches, and may have
planted the “working”. The church was restored, cleansing the baptistery and it’s water, using the water-cleansing verse of 2 Kings 2:21 spoken over the baptistery and the water after taking salt in hand and decreeing it consecrated unto the Lord in Christ Jesus’ Name.

Pray something like this:

“Father, I decree this salt consecrated unto the Lord in Christ Jesus’ Name. I decree this baptistery cleansed of it’s history and defilement according to 2 King 2:21 which says (then speak the verse).” Throw the salt in the water. Then say, “Father, Your Word says that in that day we shall decree (speak and declare) a thing and it shall come to pass. We decree these things accomplished for Your glory, in Christ Jesus’ Name.” – Word of Faith Ministries


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