spiritual symbolism

You Asked For It, Received It, Then Turn Away?

Hannah wanted a child. She pleaded with her husband, made herself look like a fool in the temple before Eli, and made a vow to God that if He blessed her, she would return the child to Him. How many times have we asked the Lord for something, I mean literally beg for it, and then upon receiving it, we take the blessing and misuse it, abuse it, or idolize it? There are a many of saints who have broken vows with the Lord. They promised that if He sends the job, they would tithe, if He sends the spouse, they would be faithful, if He sends the child, they would raise him unto the Lord, if He sends the car, they would bring someone to church, and the list of unfulfilled promises goes on and on. Some of us have become outright liars. We not only lied to ourselves but we’ve made futile attempts to lie to the One and Only Wise God who knowing all things STILL BLESSED YOU while knowing what would become of it.

Consider yourself. You were faithful until you got what you wanted and then you backslid. You were faithful giving the few dollars until you really got blessed and then you slacked off. You were faithful attending service and participating in functions until you received THAT THING and now you are too busy. Really? How about the Lord becomes too busy to see about you? How about He slacks His diligent hand toward you? How would you like to wear those shoes you are trying to force Him into wearing?

Umm, God is not blind. In fact, He has created beings with eyes all around to make certain that He doesn’t miss a beat. And that little bit of unfaithfulness that we have been doing very well may have cancelled us out of what God had in store for us next. Tsk, tsk. We were so flabbergasted by what we have, worshiped it, and adored it that we failed to consider that what we asked for cannot even be compared to what He really had in mind for us. Some of us won’t have to worry about that though. God, have mercy.


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