church life

You’re Called to Preach But Hold Your Horses

For some reason, when people are told that they have been called to preach, they set themselves to preach!! Wait!! When Jesus calls you to public ministry, meaning ministering to those whom you don’t know, included in that is the inferred understanding that you need to study. If you feel drawn to medicine, you don’t don a lab coat and start practicing medicine, do you? No. You enroll in school and study medicine and then when you have passed your exams, you are licensed or officially approved to practice medicine. Do you see why now many of our people are messed up? They ran to preach and never sat to learn. Before the apostles were given the ‘Go ye into all the world’, they were first given the ‘come and follow Me’.

I just have one question, Does anyone study the Bible or has that become obsolete too? What has ever happened to DISCIPLESHIP? Jesus did not change His mind saints!!

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