Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth

*The great news is GOD has already provided.
* Gen 2:7. Everything GOD needed, he finished it before he made man. HE gave man the intellect to use everything HE has already provided for us.
*HE has already completed the miracle for us.
*GOD is now resting because HE has already prepared everything for us.
*We can get to the place of rest when we can say currently what HE has said previously.
*Every time GOD said it, HE had already done it.
*Whatever comes out of my mouth is manifested in my life.
*Don’t blame others, blame whats coming out of your mouth. 
*Your words must obey what you say. Be it good or bad.
*Insanity is doing the same things over & over yet expecting a different result.
*We have two options: #1 Release the miracle in our mouth or #2 Be hung by the tongue.
*Just because we don’t have what we want don’t always think its because we’re doing something wrong.
*The enemy tries to play tricks on us.
*Your words dont wait. It is intintanious. Mark 11:20, The disciples were shocked that the fig tree had withered.
*Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but GOD delivered them out of it all.
*David said: I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.
*GOD gave them 3 principles to live by.
* #1… You must have faith in your FATHER. GOD has your back.
* #2… You gotta put your mouth on your mountain.Mark 11:23 whoever says to the mountain & don’t doubt, assuredly it will be done.
*Stop whining & crying & put your mouth on it & watch it loosen up. When you don’t your mountain will get bigger.
* #3 Mark 11:24..You gotta believe that you received even before you get it. Whatever you ask when you pray believe you will receive them & you will have them.
*When you say it, its coming. 
*Speak for it to come, but believe like its already here.
*The word Whatever means anything. 
*Isiah 55:11.My word will not return to me void, but will accomplish that which I please & prosper.
*Don’t reverse your miracle by the the words in your mouth.
*Change your dialogue & you’ll change your destination. 
-Apostle H. Daniel Wilsom


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