The Lingering Effects of Prayer

Some of you have GIVEN UP ON PRAYER. It is boring to you, you are not seeing those IMMEDIATE results that you are accustomed to, and it is just a waste of time, right? WRONG! Let me tell you about a woman who prayed every day for her son. She kept him in church every time the church doors were open. She laid her son before the Lord in prayer asking the Lord to raise him as a mighty preacher for the Lord. She prayed so much that she got on her husband’s nerves. Her husband said, Woman, leave the boy alone. You are doing too much. He doesn’t want to be a preacher, but that mother kept praying.

Well, the boy grew up and wouldn’t you know it, he turned into a human devil. He acted a fool. He did everything that sinners do and like to do. He did it all until ONE DAY. One day something struck his life and dropped him on his knees. His life was in danger and there was no one there to help him but the Lord. Those prayers his mother prayed for him began to KICK IN… The Lord reached down and touched this man’s life and delivered him. Not only did the Lord deliver him but He planted a song in this man’s belly that we sing TO THIS DAY. Do you know what the name of that song is? AMAZING GRACE. That boy whose mother wore out the Throne Room in prayer was John Newton. 

The woman died years earlier, but HER PRAYERS OUTLIVED HER and God honored every word of them. John Newton went on from that point and served the Lord for 44 YEARS after running from the Lord for 22 YEARS.. Somebody say DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE….

Don’t you dare stop praying for that runaway. Don’t stop praying for that husband, wife, child, family member, friend, and enemy. Don’t you dare give up because IT’S NOT HAPPENING FAST ENOUGH… God has the SET TIME TO MOVE… You don’t know the DAY NOR THE HOUR when that prayer will manifest but just know that it will. DON’T STOP PRAYING SAINTS…

Ephesians 6:18
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.


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