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Revelation of a Dream

In a dream last night, I was conducting a home based Bible Study group. I got up to greet someone and left my notebook and Bible in the hands of one of the attendees and when I returned, she was teaching the class. She taught it using my notes but out of her own experience with the Lord and it was blessed. When she finished, many of the people there gathered around her testifying of how the word had blessed them. I waited until everyone left and she and I had a chance to talk. I commended her on a job well done and told her that I was now leaving the study in her care because she received the impartation to carry them on and I was released to go elsewhere.
I was returning to my office and a crowd rushed past me. People were running into ‘office’ cubicles like a stampede and I saw them changing their names to reflect the names on the wall. This one woman in particular ran ahead of me into my cubicle and changed my name to hers. By the time I arrived there, she had moved her things in and mine out. I looked around in confusion for a minute and then I heard someone calling me. The call was on the outside of the office and I had to walk a distance to find the person’s voice but the woman who had ‘stolen’ my office looked at me in astonishment because she expected a fight from me over my space and when I didn’t, when I moved on, she look bewildered.
Here is what the Lord is saying, as an apostle, we are called to pioneer the people of God into new realms of revelation of the word that they can grab a hold of them and teach them fluently for themselves. Aquilla and Priscilla, husband and wife apostolic team, taught Apollos a more perfect way in the scriptures. After sitting under their teachings, he was then graced to teach the word on his own. Your reward as a teacher is when your student can teach what you have taught them without having to be corrected. You are released from that assignment to teach it yourself and you are now freed to move on and start anew. Nowadays, many are too insecure to let someone else take the wheel or they have a problem with letting go but the mature apostle realizes when a grace has been received and they can move on to where the next place is.

The other thing is this – The Lord is revealing that there are some who will do anything to stand in your place that they are taking ‘shortcuts’ to do so. The problem with that is this, by the time they finally catch up with you, it will be time for you to move on. It reminds me of the dog that chases his tail; running in certain circles may give you miles but it won’t give you distance. David tried a shortcut to move the glory of God to Jerusalem and someone died as a result. If you want the Lord to bless your work in ministry, start by actually working in ministry first.

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The Spiritual Place in Prayer Called, Nevertheless

I had some things on my heart that no one could help me with but my Heavenly Father. I took a drive out about 4am this morning while the house was asleep and I drove in silence for a while to ponder what to say to my King. Finally, the utterance came and I released my heart unto the Lord. I made my petitions known and inquired of His wisdom but by the end of my prayer I noticed that the Lord was still quiet. Usually I can sense when He has heard my prayer and I can walk away from my prayer altar with the confidence in knowing that He has heard me but this time was different. It was still quiet. Then I said aloud with tears stinging my eyes, “Nevertheless, Lord! If You don’t do……, I am fine. I won’t change. I won’t stop and I won’t become bitter about it either.” Before I could barely finish that sentence, the power of God filled my vehicle. I felt His presence so strong that I had to stop my car, get out, and walk around. Even when I returned to the car, I could only sit there in awe. It was about 5am by this time and I was stuck in the glorious presence of God in a parking lot on the side of the road unable to move.

I say this to encourage you. Some of you have been praying for matters that are detrimental to your life and those around you but there is a place of prayer that you may not yet entered. That spiritual place is called, Nevertheless. It is that place Jesus found in prayer when He made the decision to follow the plan of God regardless to whether the Father changed His mind or not. It is that place where IF the Lord does not perform the thing you’ve inquired of Him, it still won’t stop you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny in Him. It is that place where ‘though He slays you, you will keep trusting Him.’ It is the ‘not my will, let Yours be done’ place in the realm of the Spirit.

I found a place in prayer this morning called, Nevertheless. And even though I don’t see the immediate result of being in that place, I do know by faith that I found a grace there from the Father to sustain me in the season to come.


Every Prophet Has a Lane…

Every prophet has a different assignment from the other. Some, more than one. On rare occasions, they will overlap another but never contradict the other. Some prophets are called to the seven mountains of culture, some called to kings, some called to widows, and some called to the rebellious. It behooves each prophet to determine what their prophetic assignment is otherwise they will frustrate themselves in trying to fill another prophet’s role causing confusion, jealousy, contention, strife, and other unlawful works of the flesh.

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The Abbreviated Ministry of Jonah

Many know of the account of Jonah, but here is what I propose to stir your hearts through the studying of his ministry. Noah’s prophetic ministry was limited because of his disobedience and rebellion. He had one opportunity to minister and even then his heart was not upright before the Lord. Here is something that all ministers need to understand, especially the prophetic ones.

You may not like the people you are sent to. They may not like you. You may not care for the work the Lord has assigned you to because you don’t feel as if the people are on your level but who are you to question the Lord about the assignments He gives you? Just as the Lord has chosen you, He could have very easily chosen someone else. The reason He chose you is because He knows you have ‘heart’ issues with ‘those people’ and He is using that assignment to circumcise your heart. He knows that you are going to kick your way through it, suck your teeth, roll your eyes, and even attempt to run backwards before you get a clue about what you are supposed to be doing. And if you don’t get yourself together by the time for that ministry assignment, you won’t have to worry about a second time to get it right because there may not be a second chance for you to make another mess.

Even after confining Jonah to the ‘prison’ in the belly of the fish, Jonah preached and still had an attitude. Do you know what the issue was? He didn’t really have the heart to see people delivered. As long as he could choose the message, the people, and the timing, he would have been fine but to be assigned to heathens was repulsive to him and he disdained it. Since when are you supposed to enjoy every assignment given you in the Kingdom of God? Who said it was supposed to be fun? Who said that you would laugh yourself all the way to the bank? Whoever told you that lied. The Lord never chooses something for you to advance His Kingdom based upon your liking and your preference. This is not a democracy. The Kingdom of God is theocratically ruled. That means either you do it, or someone else will.

Sadly in the case of Jonah, the prophet of God, he will go down in history as the minister who preached one service. Yes, though Nineveh repented during his time, God didn’t reward him for it because his heart was still hardened against the people and even against God at one point. He had one chance to demonstrate the prophetic ministry in his life and that’s all he could handle. Some people can’t handle revival after revival or crusade after crusade because their hearts are impure. They get one chance to minister and after that God resigns them to a desert place because their character can’t afford another opportunity to represent the Father to His people.

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My Time Has Not Yet Come

Mary pulled on Jesus’ anointing to produce wine but He responded to her that His “time had not yet come”. For us to be a people who claim to be like Jesus, there are many who have stumbled at this verse of scripture. Jesus fully understood His ministry assignment. He knew the who, what, where, and when of what He was supposed to do. He was unwilling to let anyone, including his family, derail Him from the “joy that was set before Him.” First of all, Jesus was a guest. It wasn’t His responsibility to provide wine for the wedding party. Second of all, He had not been released by Holy Spirit into public ministry yet. Therefore, in frustrated obedience to His mother, He turned water into wine for the guests but the head waiter did not know the source of the miracle because Jesus was not ready to be made known publicly yet.

May we learn a few lessons from the miracle at Cana.  Know when it’s your turn. Know when it’s your time to do a thing. Solomon taught us that there is a time for every purpose under the sun. Many are frustrated because someone told them it’s ‘their time and season’ but the Lord did not authorize that word. Because of that, you find many believers putting their hands to certain things backed up by a contaminated prophetic word and causing shipwreck in their lives. Jesus knew His time. Whether Mary understood it or not was not His problem. He performed the miracle because there was a pressing demand but He made sure that no one except the servants knew what took place. It wasn’t time for people to notice Him. It wasn’t time for the applause and accolades. He was still being processed for the work set before Him and He was not willing to let His mother or anyone else push Him out of His place of grace.

Don’t let people push you past the place where God has graced you. Go to the Father for yourself to determine your times and seasons so you don’t fall into deception by virtue of what someone has told you. If you have the Holy Spirit, let Him be your compass in life. Learn to hear the voice of the Father and hearken to that instead of all of these other voices in the wind. And if there is a sincere demand on you to do a thing, do it, and then get back in the shadows until it’s your full turn.


Heated Fellowship in a Christian Marriage

As much as I love my husband, there are times when we do not see eye to eye. Yes, even with our ‘anointed selves’, there are times when we disagree and that, strongly. Because we are mature in the Lord, we know that saying certain things, even while angry, can not only drive a further wedge between us, but can also provoke the wrath of God upon us. Therefore, even when we disagree, we must still use great caution and wisdom to not verbally abuse one another and to not curse the mantle on another’s life. (That has not always worked and in those cases, repentance was the order of the day.)

As a preschooler, when one child would act out, the teacher would place the student in a ‘time out’. This would allow time for the child to reflect on his actions and give them space alone to think about their behavior. In our marriage, we have a sort of time out. My husband usually retreats to his ‘man cave’ which is in our den, rides his motorcycle, or goes for a ride in the car with his music really loud. During my time outs, I will retreat to our bedroom for a time of peace and quiet, go for a drive in the truck with my music really loud, or take a walk on the Boardwalk. It is essential in those times of heated fellowship to find your own space to think and rethink the matter with a cleared head before something is either said or done to further wedge the marriage or worse, bring cause for permanent separation. We take the time to pray, hear what the Lord has to say, and reckon the matter within ourselves before coming together again.

When we return home or to one another, it is usually awkward at first, but one of us, usually the offending party, will confess our sin (pride, disobedience, disrespect, stubbornness, rebellion, etc.) and the other one will accept and then discuss what happened. Making up is fun but the experience we learned about that particular matter grows us into making better personal decisions in the future when conflicts arise.

It may take a few days to arrive to that point of self – awareness but we have learned to take whatever time we need, within reason of course, to work out our own ‘salvation’. We do this before we approach one another a separate issue ensues off the back of the first one and the matter worsens.

There is no perfect marriage. Everybody is flawed so to expect your marriage to run smoothly ALL THE TIME is a fantasy that only happens on television. There will be times when you want to sacrifice one another on the altar of your anger but you cannot. You have to learn to grow up in your feelings and ask the Lord for wisdom in those difficult situations that just don’t seem to go away. Keep prayer in your marriage and never make your spouse feel as if they are dumb or stupid if they don’t see your view. Maybe you don’t know how to explain your view. And if you are constantly critical of your mate, can never find any good in what you do, your perception of them is off and needs to be adjusted through the eyes of love and not hatred. Marriage is the result of two people joining together as one from two totally different backgrounds, cultures, and family dynamics. It’s a beast trying to morph the two into one but it can happen when both spouses die to their flesh that their marriage can live as one unit and not two.

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Spiritual Warfare

Intercessors: Man the Gates Against Marine Spirits

For the past two weeks I have seen nothing but report after report of teens drowning in our area. I don’t know if any other intercessors and watchmen are picking this up but we need to band together to pray against marine spirits that our young people are being sacrificed to. I say this all the time, the GATES need to be watched. I even wrote a book on it, is anybody listening? We cannot sit by, be deep and stiff with religion while the news reporters are more vigilant than the intercessors. Get on post. Stop these marine spirits from swallowing our children alive. Call for the vigilance in parents and authority figures to not be distracted by the cares of this life while the enemy drowns the next generation. Miriam, the prophetic intercessor and watchman was on her post as Moses was put to water. She followed him to make certain he arrived to his destination safely. We need the watchful eyes of Miriam as our children swim this summer in Jesus name. We bind every marine spirit that calls our children deep into the water to sacrifice them there in Jesus name. Let our children live and live on in Jesus name.
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Tag!! You’re Not IT!

As a kid, I remember we played a game called, Duck, Duck, Goose. In this game, the children would sit Indian style in a circle and the ‘point’ person would run around the outside of the circle yelling, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” The person who was selected as the ‘goose’ would jump up as the next ‘point’ person and repeat the process.
It was a fun game that entertained us for hours as children but when we see this ‘game’ infiltrate the church, we need to ‘tag’ it and remove it from our midst. How does this game work in the church? Well, you have one ‘set person’ who stands over a crowd of unsuspecting people who randomly assigns titles in the Body of Christ. “Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist!” “Tag, I see a calling on your life!” Then the ‘selected person’ jumps up, assumes the ‘tag’ and goes about their own circle repeating the process.
Duck, Duck, Goose worked fine on the playground but it has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ. Remain in your ‘seat’ until someone FILLED with the Spirit of God who has the gift, unction, and grace to raise you up in that ‘set place’ and has the watch for your soul CONFIRMS what the Lord has already impregnated within you. This is not a game folks. You don’t get special prizes and balloons in Heaven for commissioning the most apostles and prophets. In fact, it’s the soul winners crown that we all should attain unto and you don’t get that from being in church 24/7, hosting a million conferences, and printing the most fabulous flyers. You get that from hitting the streets and roaming the hedges and highways. Heaven doesn’t rejoice over another apostle, Heaven rejoices when souls are delivered from the snares of satan.
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Nehemiah – The Apostle Before His Time

Nehemiah represented the building anointing of the apostle in his time. Tobias and Sanballat are still at work today trying with everything they can to distract and destroy the work of the Lord with foolishness and nonsense. Every apostle who is unsure of their call needs to study that book. Nehemiah built as Ezra the prophet prophesied. Even in the OT, you see the apostle/prophet foundation for building. He did the work and those WHOSE HEARTS THE LORD TOUCHED worked alongside him. He didn’t manipulate them, he didn’t prophesy to them, and he didn’t control them. God gave his building partners the heart and mind to work and to give to his work because He was reBUILDING THE TEMPLE. Not his, but the Lord’s. It was all to God’s glory.

When we learn to chase the word instead of chasing the glory, the glory cloud will actually surround us because there is enough water in our river bellies to attract God’s presence. Nowadays, folk are hung on up on an experience and left off from studying the Holy scriptures and the rivers …run…..dry…..