church life, prophetic instruction, relationships, word of wisdom

Govern Your Responses

When we hear disheartening news of our neighbor, do we respond with love or with judgment? Many times it is hard for even the unsaved to approach the saved because they fear being judged. Yes, he that is spiritual judges all things but that word judge means to examine, discern, and comprehend through the eyes of God. If people are afraid to come to you for counsel, advice, or wisdom in an area of their life, it may be because they need someone to listen to their soul cry and offer them counsel that is Godly, loving, wholesome, and life giving without shredding them to pieces in the process. They are not looking to be slaughtered. Show others the same mercy you would want someone to show to you. Being strong in the Word does not mean you have to become a drill sergeant. Remember this, with lovingkindness has He drawn us. May we learn to reciprocate the same.

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