Which ‘Coat’ Belongs to You?

Several years ago, while waiting on the Lord, I was taken into a heavenly encounter that impacted my life greatly and caused me to see the reality of my destiny and rise up into it. In this encounter, the Lord came to me and took me by the hand like a little child and led me into what looked like a locker room in Heaven.
As I was standing in this place, I saw what looked to be shaker pegs extending all around the room. Hanging on the pegs were garments that looked like white robes. As I continued to look into the vision, I saw that there were names written above each of these robes. I saw the names of Elijah, Samuel, Jeremiah, Elisha, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Maria Woodworth Etter, and many more. This locker room was in fact a cloak room, or a room of mantles from past revivalists and prophets.
Then I heard the Lord say, “Choose one, and I will give it to you.” I looked at the mantles hanging in this room with the names over the top of the lockers, and I was seriously considering taking Enoch’s mantle, but when I opened my mouth to speak, I replied, “Oh Lord, You know which one I should take.”

In communicating this encounter later to Bob Jones, he said, “Boy, that was the best answer you could have given the Lord. You let Him pick for you.” Immediately, in the vision, the Lord was standing in front of me, and I had a mortar and pestle in my hand used by pharmacists for grinding medicine. The Lord handed me three pills and told me to “grind them.” As I ground the three pills, the Lord said, “These three pills are the past, present, and future mantles.”

The Lord was offering this hidden wisdom to not only me, but to those who share the entitlement with Him to His throne. All mantles, past, present and future, are being poured out upon a glory generation of enthroned Believers in preparation for a great harvest of souls before the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. – Jeff Jansen

Senior Leader, Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International
Kingdom Life Institute & Global Fire School of Supernatural Ministry


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