word of wisdom

Letter to a Father or Naw…

Father’s Day is right around the corner and boy, oh boy, will there be mixed feelings and emotions. Some will celebrate the men in their lives who have been loyal, faithful, and committed husbands and fathers. Others will remember their fathers who have deceased this life. Some will celebrate the love of a doting father and dad. And others will feel resentment towards the man who seeded them into this life but didn’t father them in this life. My personal thoughts on this is silent for many reasons but publicly I say this, if you are a father, understand who you truly are. You are more than 5 minutes late at night. You are more than a baby daddy. You are more than a sperm donor. The moments you took to impregnate a woman should have changed your life forever. Shame on you if you abandoned that responsibility and mercy for the child that had to grow up in the absence of the man who gave them life but couldn’t help sustain it. Fathers, those of you who truly fathers, there is a blessing with your name on it for standing beside your families through the thick and thin. There is a blessing for providing and working hard to ensure your families have the best. There is a blessing for returning home every evening or for keeping tabs with your children if circumstances prevent you from seeing them everyday. Our nation, our society needs more fathers and less baby daddies. Babies don’t stay babies for long. They don’t need daddies, when babies get grown, they need FATHERS.

Fathers are teachers of their children. They teach them how to work, how to drive, how to care for a home, and how to behave. Fathers teach their daughters to be ladies and their sons to be men. They are solid figures in their children’s lives and when they are missing, that child suffers the loss. If you are not ready to be a father, put a hat on it, otherwise when your seed develops, STAY THERE AND HELP CULTIVATE IT.

Blessings to the man who is a Father to his children, in deed, not in name only. My hats off to every father. You deserve a day filled with love, gifts, and best wishes. You deserve to have a Happy Father’s Day. You rock!


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