The REAL Timing of your Breakthrough

It’s cruel to tell a person that their breakthrough is right around the corner or ‘three days away’ when in actuality you never truly heard from the Lord precisely when a person’s breakthrough will occur. There are some seasons of our lives that are secrets of the Lord. There are some things that are not for you to know until the set time presents itself and to try to predict those seasons for a person based upon our own presumptions can give that person a false sense of divine timing.

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. In other words, there are some ‘believers’ who are experiencing manic depression because someone hastily prophesied to them a word that their breakthrough was right around the corner when in fact, it was not. Contrary to popular opinion, the Lord does not hand out breakthroughs like burgers at a drive thru. There are no ‘breakthrough’ lines in the spiritual realm. Living upright before the Father qualifies you for a breakthrough. Fasting and prayer prepares you for your breakthrough and a time of patience and testing precedes a breakthrough. You don’t just ‘get it’ in three days…or when you snap your finger, slap your neighbor, high five your dog, or give the largest seed. What is being taught concerning breakthroughs of late is erroneous doctrine and because many won’t study the scriptures for themselves, they are eating tainted meat and calling it the word of God. Get in the Book for yourself and find out what is hindering your breakthrough. Ask the Father for the timing of your breakthrough ad if He chooses not to share that with you at the moment, go through until you break through. And above all, ask the Father to prepare you for it for some, after they received their breakthrough, break camp like a runaway slave. Don’t let your breakthrough turn into a breakdown. Maintain your relationship with the Father, the LORD of your breakthrough.


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