Prophecy, relationships

King, Where is Your Prophet?

Every God ordained king in the scriptures was assigned a prophet. They had a specific prophetic voice that they were required to submit, adhere, and hearken to. The ungodly kings also received visitation from God’s holy prophets when the season called for it but the prophets were not required to stay in their company. They would deliver the word and leave for they were not required to remain housed with heathen kings. Holy prophets of God understand atmospheres and environments. They have a sense of knowing when they are welcomed, when they are received, when they are taken advantage of, and when they were rejected.

As God assigns prophets, He also releases them. When the persons they are called to mentor show continual signs of dishonor and disrespect, the Lord releases the prophet from their obligation to minister to the king and reassigns them to another more grateful and appreciative king. Bottom line, every king needs genuine and God sent prophetic ministry. 
Prophet Delisa Lindsey –

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