Prophecy, purpose

Joseph’s Track to Destiny

Even though God revealed Joseph’s destiny to him at an early age, it wouldn’t be until AFTER his prison experience that he would embrace it. The dream of greatness he received did not include being ripped away from his family, falsely accused, left for dead, given away, living with heathens, enslavement, and ultimate imprisonment. No one told him that it would be easy but he didn’t break under pressure either. Through every place in his life where God humbled and broke him, he endured it and came through it. When the appointed time to reach his destiny was at hand, he was ready. Why? Because he submitted to every crushing and bruising of his ego that was necessary for him to attain it.

Might we learn something from Joseph’s track to destiny. It doesn’t happen overnight. There is pain, sweat, and tears involved. There will be many gravestones behind you to prove the things you’ve died to and there won’t be many who accompany you through your seasons of bleeding, but I tell you this. If you can endure it, if you can handle it, and if you will let God mold you, He will make certain that you kiss the face of the day of your destiny. Only be though strong and very courageous and then you will have good success.

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