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Nehemiah – The Apostle Before His Time

Nehemiah represented the building anointing of the apostle in his time. Tobias and Sanballat are still at work today trying with everything they can to distract and destroy the work of the Lord with foolishness and nonsense. Every apostle who is unsure of their call needs to study that book. Nehemiah built as Ezra the prophet prophesied. Even in the OT, you see the apostle/prophet foundation for building. He did the work and those WHOSE HEARTS THE LORD TOUCHED worked alongside him. He didn’t manipulate them, he didn’t prophesy to them, and he didn’t control them. God gave his building partners the heart and mind to work and to give to his work because He was reBUILDING THE TEMPLE. Not his, but the Lord’s. It was all to God’s glory.

When we learn to chase the word instead of chasing the glory, the glory cloud will actually surround us because there is enough water in our river bellies to attract God’s presence. Nowadays, folk are hung on up on an experience and left off from studying the Holy scriptures and the rivers …run…..dry…..

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