Prophecy, Salvation

Prophets- Pregnant with the word of Deliverance

During my prophetic mentoring session last night I covered a chapter from my book, The Burden of Prophetic Ministry, on the burdens of the Lord. I talked about Rahab’s role in Jericho and the fact that though the Lord told Joshua to take down Jericho, He yet had salvation for Rahab in mind. Contrary to popular opinion, the Lord is still in the business of saving souls. I know that God is ‘doing a new thing’ and we are ‘chasing the glory’ but if your work in ministry is not setting the captives free, your labor is in vain.

The Lord knew full well that Rahab would one day fall into the ancestral line of the Lord Jesus and therefore ensured her survival of Jericho’s ruin by sending the spies to her whore house first. Yes, the Lord is so serious about getting deliverance down to you that He will send someone right where you are, in the middle of your mess to bring you a word of deliverance. The Lord didn’t need spies in Jericho, He wanted to offer salvation to Rahab’s house so he routed His army in her direction. Those spies were His sending agency.

This is how the prophetic word of the Lord works. No matter where you are in your mess, the word of God comes to you, sits at your table, and speaks a word of deliverance in your life. Only a fool would think that Heaven goes through the sending of armies and spies to find you in your place to prophesy to you a new car. Prophets are concerned with the souls of mankind. We don’t care whether you like us or not, for many times we spy in enemy territory, but you better believe that we are going to drop that word like it’s hot and get on up out of there as soon as we are finished with our assignment because we are not trying to make friends with you, we are trying to get you delivered so God can use you.

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