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Tag!! You’re Not IT!

As a kid, I remember we played a game called, Duck, Duck, Goose. In this game, the children would sit Indian style in a circle and the ‘point’ person would run around the outside of the circle yelling, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” The person who was selected as the ‘goose’ would jump up as the next ‘point’ person and repeat the process.
It was a fun game that entertained us for hours as children but when we see this ‘game’ infiltrate the church, we need to ‘tag’ it and remove it from our midst. How does this game work in the church? Well, you have one ‘set person’ who stands over a crowd of unsuspecting people who randomly assigns titles in the Body of Christ. “Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist!” “Tag, I see a calling on your life!” Then the ‘selected person’ jumps up, assumes the ‘tag’ and goes about their own circle repeating the process.
Duck, Duck, Goose worked fine on the playground but it has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ. Remain in your ‘seat’ until someone FILLED with the Spirit of God who has the gift, unction, and grace to raise you up in that ‘set place’ and has the watch for your soul CONFIRMS what the Lord has already impregnated within you. This is not a game folks. You don’t get special prizes and balloons in Heaven for commissioning the most apostles and prophets. In fact, it’s the soul winners crown that we all should attain unto and you don’t get that from being in church 24/7, hosting a million conferences, and printing the most fabulous flyers. You get that from hitting the streets and roaming the hedges and highways. Heaven doesn’t rejoice over another apostle, Heaven rejoices when souls are delivered from the snares of satan.

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