Spiritual Warfare

Why Hyssop?

“Purge me with hyssop”, David prayed. Why hyssop? David was called to the carpet for his sins with Bathsheba by Nathan, the prophet. He then confessed and went into prayer. But why hyssop? Hyssop was used as a detergent to cleanse the Temple. It’s woodsy stalks made strong bunches that were used to apply the blood of lambs on the doors of the Israelites during Egypt’s woe. It was used again to hold the vinegar and gall saturated sponge used to quench Jesus’ thirst during His crucifixion. But most of all, hyssop is an herb used to relieve stress, anxiety, and clear the mind. David was ravished with Bathsheba’s love that he not only needed to be cleansed spiritually, he needed his mind washed and renewed. He needed a mental overhaul.
The stronger the desire is for something you should not have, the more yearning we need in prayer to ask for the deliverance that totally sets us free from the thing that binds us. David knew that repenting was not enough to clear his mind and spirit from the effect that Bathsheba had upon him. He needed strong deliverance. He needed purging, washing, cleansing, and sanctifying. This goes to show you that sexual sin is indeed a very strong demon to contend with. David’s sexual appetite for Bathsheba was so strong that he killed to have her as his own and to protect his secret of his love for her. His plea goes to show many of us that certain acts are like spiders that form webs to keep us entangled. And if we don’t sincerely cry out for deliverance like David did, the raging sexual appetite may never be quenched unless God puts out the fire and smolders the flames Himself.

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