Spiritual Warfare

Intercessors: Man the Gates Against Marine Spirits

For the past two weeks I have seen nothing but report after report of teens drowning in our area. I don’t know if any other intercessors and watchmen are picking this up but we need to band together to pray against marine spirits that our young people are being sacrificed to. I say this all the time, the GATES need to be watched. I even wrote a book on it, is anybody listening? We cannot sit by, be deep and stiff with religion while the news reporters are more vigilant than the intercessors. Get on post. Stop these marine spirits from swallowing our children alive. Call for the vigilance in parents and authority figures to not be distracted by the cares of this life while the enemy drowns the next generation. Miriam, the prophetic intercessor and watchman was on her post as Moses was put to water. She followed him to make certain he arrived to his destination safely. We need the watchful eyes of Miriam as our children swim this summer in Jesus name. We bind every marine spirit that calls our children deep into the water to sacrifice them there in Jesus name. Let our children live and live on in Jesus name.

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