Prophecy, purpose, word of wisdom

My Time Has Not Yet Come

Mary pulled on Jesus’ anointing to produce wine but He responded to her that His “time had not yet come”. For us to be a people who claim to be like Jesus, there are many who have stumbled at this verse of scripture. Jesus fully understood His ministry assignment. He knew the who, what, where, and when of what He was supposed to do. He was unwilling to let anyone, including his family, derail Him from the “joy that was set before Him.” First of all, Jesus was a guest. It wasn’t His responsibility to provide wine for the wedding party. Second of all, He had not been released by Holy Spirit into public ministry yet. Therefore, in frustrated obedience to His mother, He turned water into wine for the guests but the head waiter did not know the source of the miracle because Jesus was not ready to be made known publicly yet.

May we learn a few lessons from the miracle at Cana.  Know when it’s your turn. Know when it’s your time to do a thing. Solomon taught us that there is a time for every purpose under the sun. Many are frustrated because someone told them it’s ‘their time and season’ but the Lord did not authorize that word. Because of that, you find many believers putting their hands to certain things backed up by a contaminated prophetic word and causing shipwreck in their lives. Jesus knew His time. Whether Mary understood it or not was not His problem. He performed the miracle because there was a pressing demand but He made sure that no one except the servants knew what took place. It wasn’t time for people to notice Him. It wasn’t time for the applause and accolades. He was still being processed for the work set before Him and He was not willing to let His mother or anyone else push Him out of His place of grace.

Don’t let people push you past the place where God has graced you. Go to the Father for yourself to determine your times and seasons so you don’t fall into deception by virtue of what someone has told you. If you have the Holy Spirit, let Him be your compass in life. Learn to hear the voice of the Father and hearken to that instead of all of these other voices in the wind. And if there is a sincere demand on you to do a thing, do it, and then get back in the shadows until it’s your full turn.

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