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The Abbreviated Ministry of Jonah

Many know of the account of Jonah, but here is what I propose to stir your hearts through the studying of his ministry. Noah’s prophetic ministry was limited because of his disobedience and rebellion. He had one opportunity to minister and even then his heart was not upright before the Lord. Here is something that all ministers need to understand, especially the prophetic ones.

You may not like the people you are sent to. They may not like you. You may not care for the work the Lord has assigned you to because you don’t feel as if the people are on your level but who are you to question the Lord about the assignments He gives you? Just as the Lord has chosen you, He could have very easily chosen someone else. The reason He chose you is because He knows you have ‘heart’ issues with ‘those people’ and He is using that assignment to circumcise your heart. He knows that you are going to kick your way through it, suck your teeth, roll your eyes, and even attempt to run backwards before you get a clue about what you are supposed to be doing. And if you don’t get yourself together by the time for that ministry assignment, you won’t have to worry about a second time to get it right because there may not be a second chance for you to make another mess.

Even after confining Jonah to the ‘prison’ in the belly of the fish, Jonah preached and still had an attitude. Do you know what the issue was? He didn’t really have the heart to see people delivered. As long as he could choose the message, the people, and the timing, he would have been fine but to be assigned to heathens was repulsive to him and he disdained it. Since when are you supposed to enjoy every assignment given you in the Kingdom of God? Who said it was supposed to be fun? Who said that you would laugh yourself all the way to the bank? Whoever told you that lied. The Lord never chooses something for you to advance His Kingdom based upon your liking and your preference. This is not a democracy. The Kingdom of God is theocratically ruled. That means either you do it, or someone else will.

Sadly in the case of Jonah, the prophet of God, he will go down in history as the minister who preached one service. Yes, though Nineveh repented during his time, God didn’t reward him for it because his heart was still hardened against the people and even against God at one point. He had one chance to demonstrate the prophetic ministry in his life and that’s all he could handle. Some people can’t handle revival after revival or crusade after crusade because their hearts are impure. They get one chance to minister and after that God resigns them to a desert place because their character can’t afford another opportunity to represent the Father to His people.

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