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The Spiritual Place in Prayer Called, Nevertheless

I had some things on my heart that no one could help me with but my Heavenly Father. I took a drive out about 4am this morning while the house was asleep and I drove in silence for a while to ponder what to say to my King. Finally, the utterance came and I released my heart unto the Lord. I made my petitions known and inquired of His wisdom but by the end of my prayer I noticed that the Lord was still quiet. Usually I can sense when He has heard my prayer and I can walk away from my prayer altar with the confidence in knowing that He has heard me but this time was different. It was still quiet. Then I said aloud with tears stinging my eyes, “Nevertheless, Lord! If You don’t do……, I am fine. I won’t change. I won’t stop and I won’t become bitter about it either.” Before I could barely finish that sentence, the power of God filled my vehicle. I felt His presence so strong that I had to stop my car, get out, and walk around. Even when I returned to the car, I could only sit there in awe. It was about 5am by this time and I was stuck in the glorious presence of God in a parking lot on the side of the road unable to move.

I say this to encourage you. Some of you have been praying for matters that are detrimental to your life and those around you but there is a place of prayer that you may not yet entered. That spiritual place is called, Nevertheless. It is that place Jesus found in prayer when He made the decision to follow the plan of God regardless to whether the Father changed His mind or not. It is that place where IF the Lord does not perform the thing you’ve inquired of Him, it still won’t stop you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny in Him. It is that place where ‘though He slays you, you will keep trusting Him.’ It is the ‘not my will, let Yours be done’ place in the realm of the Spirit.

I found a place in prayer this morning called, Nevertheless. And even though I don’t see the immediate result of being in that place, I do know by faith that I found a grace there from the Father to sustain me in the season to come.


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