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Revelation of a Dream

In a dream last night, I was conducting a home based Bible Study group. I got up to greet someone and left my notebook and Bible in the hands of one of the attendees and when I returned, she was teaching the class. She taught it using my notes but out of her own experience with the Lord and it was blessed. When she finished, many of the people there gathered around her testifying of how the word had blessed them. I waited until everyone left and she and I had a chance to talk. I commended her on a job well done and told her that I was now leaving the study in her care because she received the impartation to carry them on and I was released to go elsewhere.
I was returning to my office and a crowd rushed past me. People were running into ‘office’ cubicles like a stampede and I saw them changing their names to reflect the names on the wall. This one woman in particular ran ahead of me into my cubicle and changed my name to hers. By the time I arrived there, she had moved her things in and mine out. I looked around in confusion for a minute and then I heard someone calling me. The call was on the outside of the office and I had to walk a distance to find the person’s voice but the woman who had ‘stolen’ my office looked at me in astonishment because she expected a fight from me over my space and when I didn’t, when I moved on, she look bewildered.
Here is what the Lord is saying, as an apostle, we are called to pioneer the people of God into new realms of revelation of the word that they can grab a hold of them and teach them fluently for themselves. Aquilla and Priscilla, husband and wife apostolic team, taught Apollos a more perfect way in the scriptures. After sitting under their teachings, he was then graced to teach the word on his own. Your reward as a teacher is when your student can teach what you have taught them without having to be corrected. You are released from that assignment to teach it yourself and you are now freed to move on and start anew. Nowadays, many are too insecure to let someone else take the wheel or they have a problem with letting go but the mature apostle realizes when a grace has been received and they can move on to where the next place is.

The other thing is this – The Lord is revealing that there are some who will do anything to stand in your place that they are taking ‘shortcuts’ to do so. The problem with that is this, by the time they finally catch up with you, it will be time for you to move on. It reminds me of the dog that chases his tail; running in certain circles may give you miles but it won’t give you distance. David tried a shortcut to move the glory of God to Jerusalem and someone died as a result. If you want the Lord to bless your work in ministry, start by actually working in ministry first.

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