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I Shall Not Want..

The Lord makes ways for us that many of us have yet to realize. We are so prone to worrying that we often fail to bless God for the provisions He has already made. Consider Elijah, in one season of his life he was fed by ravens. In another season, he was fed by a widow. He ate fish from the raven and cakes from the widow. By the grace of God, he went from Captain D’s to IHOP! We serve a mighty God who feeds His people well. You will never see the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread so hold your head up high!! God’s got this!



Marriage is Still Honorable

The secular world is so quick to report on the number of divorces taking place but they won’t tell you about the greater percentage of marriages that are still together. They won’t tell you about the husbands who love their wives and the wives who are honoring their husbands. They won’t report that. This Babylonian system wants you to think that all God has created is going to hell in a hand basket but not so. All that God is created is STILL GOOD, they just haven’t experienced it yet.


Spiritual Warfare

The Wicked Prophets of Baal

The enemy can’t stop your destiny but he can entice you to do so. The wicked prophet Baal couldn’t curse the people of God so he enticed them to sin with lust and fornication. Hear this people of God – there are wicked prophets, prophets who are human agents of satan sent on assignment to entice you to abort your own destiny. They are seducing some of you to lust and fornicate just like Baal. They are enticing the people of God to lust after the world and the things of the world. They have prophesied so much material gain that some of the people of God have abandoned true love for the Lord and are now serving Him for stuff. These prophets are seducing some of the people of God to fornicate with the world to satisfy sinful cravings for power, people, and prosperity. Don’t fall victim to Baal’s prophets. They hate you with seething anger and are bent on your destruction. If a word to you sounds too good to be true, search for its foundation in scripture and test it by the fruit of Holy Spirit.


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The Spirit of the Midianite Whore

Men of God, be on guard against the spirit of the Midianite whore sent on assignment by hell from the prophets of Baal who want to see your purposes in the Lord frustrated. She will smell good, look good, and promise to do what your own wife won’t do but her bed is the gate to hell. When someone is constantly prophesying and pulling you away from your home, you need to be on high alert because the devil ain’t playing with you, he wants you destroyed.


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The Strange Woman Who Wants Your Destiny – a prophetic dream

I saw this woman in a dream who was trying her best to seduce this man of God. He was in the driver seat and somehow she managed to get in the car with him but was sitting in the back seat. He had his mind on where he was going and wasn’t paying her attention but her attention was on him. She tried to catch his glance in the rear view mirror but he still wouldn’t look at her. When all else failed, she gapped her legs wide open to try to lure him but he still would not look back at her.

Men of destiny, as in the case of Joseph, the enemy will send women after you who are forceful, strong, and determined. They don’t care anything about you or your God, they want your flesh. As the man in the dream and in the case of Joseph, keep your mind on the Lord and He will deliver you from the temptation of the strange woman. We are living in the time of Isaiah when he said 7 women will take hold of one man. They don’t care about sharing you, they just want you. This kind of woman doesn’t want commitment. They don’t want to submit to a marriage, they just want the flesh of a man. Be careful and be warned. These spirits in these wanton women are strong, seductive, and sexy and they will turn your life upside down if you let them. Maintain your integrity and stay accountable. This is not the season to wander alone.



Ahaziah, Someone Wants to Talk to You

Ahaziah fell through an upstairs fence and nearly broke his neck. He lay injured and wanted to know if he was going to recover. Being King of Israel, he knew to call on the God of Israel but instead he sent messengers to inquire of Beelzebub. The Lord told Elijah about it and he rebuked them saying, “Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?” Then the Lord says, “You will not recover from your injuries. You will die.”

There are some who know better than to call on psychics, witches, and false prophets but they do so anyway. They want a word that will tickle them and give them a false sense of security so they find the ones who will accommodate them. The problem is this, whether they run from a prophet of God or not, if the Lord wants to get a message to you, He will do so by any means necessary. They can run from east to west and still receive the word of the Lord from an unusual source that outweighs any lie the false prophet told them.

There is going to be a holy and divine interruption in the lives of those who know better. Your scheming and running away from truth will prove worthless. You will waste time and money in an attempt to seek words from false prophets because the Lord is about to block some people’s paths. The door to the witchdoctor is being blocked too because you know better. You that are chosen and you that are called will learn that you cannot outrun the sovereign will of God. You cannot kick against the prick. When the Lord has a message for you, He is going to convey that message to you whether it fits your palette or not. Why? Because He is God.



Prayer for the Workplace

For some reason I heard the Lord say, “Pray for their co-workers.” I have no clue as to whom this may apply nor what may be going on but I will be obedient and pray. When those particular individuals come to you for prayer over an issue, let them know that the Lord loves them so much that He placed them on the heart of a lady in Charlotte, NC who has already offered up a prayer on their behalf. Now that’s the love of God for your coworker to compel a complete stranger to pray for them having never spoken to them nor having laid eyes on them. They may be different but Jesus loves them just the same.

“Father in the name of Jesus, I offer up in prayer the lives of my social media family’s co workers. Many of them are facing situations in their lives that they need answers to. They are perplexed, anxious, worried, fretting and are in need of Your intervention. I ask for Your mercy to rest upon them and that the Light of Your Glory will penetrate every dark area of their lives. I pray deliverance for those bound in sexual sins, financial debt, unfaithful relationships, and infirmity. I pray for a mind renewal for those under demonic pressure to conform to this world. I pray that every good seed You have planted in their life will bud and spring forth to the point of breakthrough. I pray for stability in employment and the ability to function well with others. I pray for their children and grand children that they would come to love and serve You as King. I pray that if they are unsaved that You present them with opportunities for salvation. I pray for those who are saved to enjoy an eternal relationship with you that is unbroken and uncompromised. I pray for the leaders of the churches that they belong to that they will shepherd their souls according to the will and word of the Lord. And I pray that whichever gifts and talents You have placed in their hands will prosper. I bind the enemy from harassing and attacking their life and I loose favor and provisions upon them in Jesus name, Amen.”


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Message Title: Why Am I In the Wilderness?

As Israel was being delivered from Egypt, they encountered four very important spiritual places that we as believers are encountering in our wilderness experiences. How do we respond to those places? Could the wrong response delay our deliverance from the wilderness? Who or what is responsible for the believer’s journey in the wilderness. 

Message ends with a prophetic prayer.



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Domesticated Lions Leading our Churches

God did not call His Apostles to be domesticated lions. They are to be rulers of the Jungle; Pioneers, ground breakers, and carriers of present truth into dark regions. Domesticated lions are caged. They don’t reach out, they don’t wander out, and they are susceptible to being petted as if in a petting zoo. They are lions for show because they’ve been restricted to entertainment purposes only. They aren’t a threat and the enemy does not fear them at all for they have been confined and stuck. They are not shaking kingdoms, not confronting darkness, and are not raising up cubs to function in their stead. They are domesticated.
Apostles are supposed to have a roar with the apostolic sound. Their claws are supposed to be sharp to tear down walls of religion. They don’t whine or cower in cages. Apostles preach sound doctrine on all levels with demonstrations following. They establish believers in foundational truths. They don’t just build church buildings, they build churches in believers. I have to say it and I may lose a friend or two but there are too many domesticated apostles. You have no bite and no roar whatsoever and are of no threat to the enemy’s camp. Satan knew who Paul was. Sadly, some of today’s apostles are unknown in heaven and hell. Only on earth do they have recognition and that’s from people who are scripturally ignorant and don’t know any better.