Spiritual Warfare

Satan’s Master Plan to Penetrate Your Ear

Understand this – your chief adversary and opponent will stop at nothing to block you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny. Don’t be so naive to think that a luke warm relationship with the Lord is enough to protect you from satan’s devices. He has been on his game from the beginning of human civilization. And if you think a mediocre prayer life, a non existent Word life, and a half hearted devotion to the Father is going to protect you, think again. When a hedge (protection) is broken, the serpent will bite (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

Satan hates you, everything about you. He hates your family, your sources of income, your possessions, and everything else about you there is. He hates your hair, your teeth, your toenails; everything about you. He will seduce you with the sweetest and kindest words to lure you in and when he has you it will take the anointing of God to destroy his yokes of bondage. Anyone who comes to you to convince you away from the destined plan of God for your life is working as a human agent for satan. You can call them friend, mom, dad, sister or brother, pastor or prophet. It doesn’t matter. Jesus said that His family were the ones who did the will of the His Father. Check yourself…who is around you telling you what you WANT to hear and you know your OWN STUFF is jacked up? You had better wise up real quick and realize that a trap has been set to ensnare you and detour you from your prophetic destiny. I don’t care whose voice has been trying to penetrate your ear, if it does not align with the Word of God for your life, remove it.


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