Watch What You Share With Your Half Brothers

Joseph had a dream and thought to share it with his brothers. Instead of them being happy for him and celebrating him, they turned on him and planned evil against him. That’s what happens when you share your visions with HALF BROTHERS. They don’t want to see you happy. They don’t want to see you blessed and they don’t want to see you more than successful than they are. That’s a half brother for you. They may carry your name but they don’t carry your heart. They half pray for you, half celebrate you, and half believe in you because they are HALF BROTHERS. You gon’ learn today about not sharing your personal business with folk who don’t want to see you blessed. You gon’ learn to keep your issues to yourself. You gon’ learn to discern who is for you and who is against you. You gon’ learn to stop asking everybody to pray for you because some are preying on you.
Stop putting yourself out there to folk who care nothing about you except for what they can get from you. Keep your business to yourself unless you have a trusted WHOLE BROTHER you can trust and depend on.


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