Ahaziah, Someone Wants to Talk to You

Ahaziah fell through an upstairs fence and nearly broke his neck. He lay injured and wanted to know if he was going to recover. Being King of Israel, he knew to call on the God of Israel but instead he sent messengers to inquire of Beelzebub. The Lord told Elijah about it and he rebuked them saying, “Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?” Then the Lord says, “You will not recover from your injuries. You will die.”

There are some who know better than to call on psychics, witches, and false prophets but they do so anyway. They want a word that will tickle them and give them a false sense of security so they find the ones who will accommodate them. The problem is this, whether they run from a prophet of God or not, if the Lord wants to get a message to you, He will do so by any means necessary. They can run from east to west and still receive the word of the Lord from an unusual source that outweighs any lie the false prophet told them.

There is going to be a holy and divine interruption in the lives of those who know better. Your scheming and running away from truth will prove worthless. You will waste time and money in an attempt to seek words from false prophets because the Lord is about to block some people’s paths. The door to the witchdoctor is being blocked too because you know better. You that are chosen and you that are called will learn that you cannot outrun the sovereign will of God. You cannot kick against the prick. When the Lord has a message for you, He is going to convey that message to you whether it fits your palette or not. Why? Because He is God.


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