church life

Domesticated Lions Leading our Churches

God did not call His Apostles to be domesticated lions. They are to be rulers of the Jungle; Pioneers, ground breakers, and carriers of present truth into dark regions. Domesticated lions are caged. They don’t reach out, they don’t wander out, and they are susceptible to being petted as if in a petting zoo. They are lions for show because they’ve been restricted to entertainment purposes only. They aren’t a threat and the enemy does not fear them at all for they have been confined and stuck. They are not shaking kingdoms, not confronting darkness, and are not raising up cubs to function in their stead. They are domesticated.
Apostles are supposed to have a roar with the apostolic sound. Their claws are supposed to be sharp to tear down walls of religion. They don’t whine or cower in cages. Apostles preach sound doctrine on all levels with demonstrations following. They establish believers in foundational truths. They don’t just build church buildings, they build churches in believers. I have to say it and I may lose a friend or two but there are too many domesticated apostles. You have no bite and no roar whatsoever and are of no threat to the enemy’s camp. Satan knew who Paul was. Sadly, some of today’s apostles are unknown in heaven and hell. Only on earth do they have recognition and that’s from people who are scripturally ignorant and don’t know any better.

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