Spiritual Warfare

The Wicked Prophets of Baal

The enemy can’t stop your destiny but he can entice you to do so. The wicked prophet Baal couldn’t curse the people of God so he enticed them to sin with lust and fornication. Hear this people of God – there are wicked prophets, prophets who are human agents of satan sent on assignment to entice you to abort your own destiny. They are seducing some of you to lust and fornicate just like Baal. They are enticing the people of God to lust after the world and the things of the world. They have prophesied so much material gain that some of the people of God have abandoned true love for the Lord and are now serving Him for stuff. These prophets are seducing some of the people of God to fornicate with the world to satisfy sinful cravings for power, people, and prosperity. Don’t fall victim to Baal’s prophets. They hate you with seething anger and are bent on your destruction. If a word to you sounds too good to be true, search for its foundation in scripture and test it by the fruit of Holy Spirit.


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