In ‘Whose’ Name?

One might think the world’s greatest apostle is one with a million churches, changeable suits of robes, conferences and seminars filling the dates on their calendars, and popularity to boot. But when I think about the world’s greatest apostle who went in search of the people who needed Him, who suffered so the people would learn from His example, and who lived a continuous life of selflessness, it makes you ask yourself the timeless question. What in the world are we REALLY doing in the ‘name’ of Jesus?


It Is What It Is or Is It?

Sometimes the Lord has to sit you outside of a thing to see it for what it really is. Being on the inside skews your view, your opinions are prejudiced by what you feel and are experiencing. But stepping back helps you to examine your own heart in a matter. It shows you where you really were versus where you thought you were. It shows you where people stand. It shows you what really matters, what counts, and what Heaven is recording about you. I have found out, like Solomon, a lot of it, in fact, most of it, is all vanity and vexation of spirit. Only what we do for Christ will last.

To Thine Ownself Be True

Know your own limitations. Know your own strengths, weaknesses. Know when it’s your appointed time to be quiet. Don’t let obligations, nouns, or pronouns move you prematurely from the quiet place where God has assigned you. Many mistakes are made in the place called, burn out. Wrong attitudes, soulish prophecy, and contaminated motives exist there as well. Know your own spirit.

When The Saints are Too Sanitized

In my seasons of quietness, I have learned a few things. One is this. You can’t sanitize your environment so that the ones who NEED to get in can’t. Even a baby has to be exposed to certain germs and bacteria so that their immune system can develop. While it’s understandable to be surrounded by folks just like you, Jesus spent balanced time with those who could benefit more from His presence. Not all bacteria will harm you. Some will benefit you by making you stronger.