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Son or Orphan?

I inquired a thing of the Lord a while ago that He recently brought back to my attention just recently. I wanted to know why certain ‘Christians’ were getting away with their questionable behavior while other ‘Christians’ were dealt with swiftly and severely. I certainly wasn’t challenging the Lord’s parenthood but I needed answers. What He told me opened my eyes so wide that they will never close to this revelation again.
He said that those He chastens, He loves. He is a good Father who rules His children well. He does not overlook their flaws but rather uses them as teachable moments for them to mature past the point of foolish misconduct and grow into successful Kingdom citizens. Not everyone naming the name of the Lord is a son of God. They have refused the adoption process by continuing in their own ways and resisting House rules. They are orphans, wandering children who may check in once and a while to eat and patch up their wounds but they are not the sons of God. These are those who label themselves ‘Christians’, know all the Kingdom jargon, know church politics, and can function in any capacity of ministry they choose but they have not been adopted. They can get away with nasty attitudes, arrogance, causing contention and strife, and provoking divisions because they are un-parented. They claim the Father as theirs in name only. They carry His name but they don’t contain His DNA. They have not been regenerated, blood washed, or delivered from worldly mindsets but they still cloak themselves in ‘Kingdomatics’ feigning themselves off as the real thing.
When a person is a son of God, they will submit to His chastisement because their renewed mind has agreed with the Father that their actions were insubordinate. They know they were out of line, haughty, or mischievous and while yet striving for perfection, they have come to terms with their own frailty. These are those whom the Father will deal with swiftly and severely to alter their behavior into that which becometh saints of the Most High God. He won’t let allow them to continue nor become comfortable in sin. He loves them too much to leave them in a state of spiritual disarray.
The orphan will not submit and will fight against any form of correction or attitude adjustment that comes their way. They are like the fools in Proverbs who don’t acknowledge the Lord’s existence at all. They will continue to repeat disturbing patterns because they have never learned how to adjust them. Despite how it may appear, they don’t ‘get away’ the way it appears but they will be allowed to continue in their way for a season until their own doings catch up with them. The scriptures tell us, “Fret not ourselves over evil doers for they will soon be cut down”. The deeds of the proud, the orphan, and the fool will return into their bosom. It is not necessarily the correction of the Father. In other words, the Father will ALLOW the devourer to enter their lives based upon the laws of reciprocation; they have sown misconduct and therefore must reap it. Orphans are self-destructive which is why many times the Father will instruct you to avoid them. Love them and pray for them but separate yourself from them because eventually their deeds will catch them and repay them accordingly.

Consider David, when he sinned the Lord sent Nathan immediately with a word of correction. When Abraham ‘felt some kind of way’ about sending Ishmael away, the Lord immediately sent word to him. When Jonah erred in judgment, the Lord swiftly moved to correct him. There are so many biblical accounts of the Lord correcting His sons and even more present day accounts of you and I, the sons of God whom the Lord delights in chastening to prove that the righteous don’t get away with anything. Therefore, if you are one of those ‘Christians’ who can act out and never experience the chastisement of the Lord, you should be concerned. The next time you wonder why ‘so and so’ has not received correction from the Lord, consider the fact that they may not be in position with the Father to be treated as a son. They may be orphans, on a course of their own, following their own mind, and doing their own thing. If a person can live in sin, and live comfortably without any conviction whatsoever to stop and repent, understand that according to Romans 8:14, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they shall be called the sons of God.” The proof is in the pudding. When you know better, you do better.

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