word of wisdom

Lions Sent to Disobedient Prophets

There was prophet being mightily used of the Lord and one day he decided to listen to the voice of an old prophet who spoke contrary to things the Lord revealed to him. Instead of trusting the word of the Lord as it came directly to him, because of this old prophet’s reputation for bringing the word, he lent him his ear and followed his voice. As soon as the prophets finished dining together, the old prophet informed his younger counterpart that he was in error for listening to him and consequently would lose his life because of it. Sure enough, on his way home, the younger prophet met a lion who killed him and stood beside his carcass as onlookers passed by. The old prophet buried the younger prophet and thus was the end of the young prophet’s ministry.
There is a lesson in this. When you have been hearing the Lord’s voice of a truth and all of a sudden here comes someone with a ‘word’ that goes completely against what YOU know you heard the Lord tell you, you have a decision to make. First, if the mantle was upon the old prophet to speak the word of the Lord why did He call you? Secondly, don’t ever flatter yourself by taking the words of someone with a noble name over what you heard the Lord speak personally to you. Thirdly, when you know better and don’t do better, your chastisement is more severe because your standard of obedience is supposed to higher and stricter than the ones who weren’t called. More is required of you because you have the potential to accomplish more.
Of all the animals sent to destroy this disobedient prophet, a lion was sent his way. A lion represents a devouring spirit. Remember, satan comes ‘as’ a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. In other words, what spirit is released from heaven against disobedient prophets? Devouring spirits.

Consider this the next time you choose to listen to man and disregard the voice of the Lord. Don’t blame the enemy when things begin to consume away in your life. It is a lion sent from the Lord, a devouring spirit on assignment against your disobedience to warn others not to follow in your footsteps. When the Lord of all Glory speaks, listen and obey.


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