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Exploring Your Land of Milk and Honey

The Lord has promised many of us lands flowing with milk and honey. Those lands He is referring to may appeal to some naturally, and may even be intended as such however, I maintain that those lands He is referring to are also representative of spiritual places. Jesus said that He went to prepare a place for us. Again, some interpret that to mean a natural place but I have always maintained that those ‘places’ the Father has prepared for us are spiritual places, caves, nestings, refuges, places of healing and rehabilitation, delivery rooms, and etc.  There are places in the realm of the Spirit where the Father meets us and reveals Himself to us.
Allow me to share from a spiritual point of view what the lands flowing with milk and honey entail. These are spiritual places, realms, and dimensions in the unseen where Holy Spirit gravitates us toward during certain phases of our lives. These places have certain substances. In this particular spiritual place called, Canaan, where the milk and honey is located, is a place of spiritual warfare but at the same time, a place of birthing for the new and sustenance for that which has already been.
Honey is nature’s perfect food. Many prophets lived off of honey; in fact it contains all the essentials vital to life. Honey is a sustainer of life. It will keep and preserve you. Manna, which literally means, “what is it?” tasted to the hungry Hebrews like wafers of honey. Honey kept them alive in the wilderness and for you who are prophetic, the mother prophetess and judge named Deborah, name means ‘honey’. Go figure.
The milk is vitally important as the honey because milk makes the body strong (yes, I know) but it also nourishes babies. Milk is the only food that babies can digest. If a place in the spirit has milk that means that birthings will take place. New things, ideas, relationships, and etc. will require this type of spiritual milk. Therefore, let us assume that the land ‘flowing with milk and honey’ has contained within, elements that nourish, sustain, strengthen, and preserve as you endeavor about possessing the thing you are being called to.

You need not ever be leery or reluctant about the spiritual places the Lord is calling us to. Importantly, keep in mind that not every time you receive a word about a ‘new thing’ or ‘new place’ that God is referring to something physical. God is Spirit and more times than not, when the deep calls unto the deep, He is referring to something spiritual. Many have erred trying to apply a natural application to a spiritual thing. I can go on but I must stop here. Prayerfully, I have given you enough to ponder on for yourself. Explore your promised land of milk and honey and allow the Lord to pleasantly surprise you with what He has in store for you. I know I am.


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The "Go" in the Gospel

Mike Murdock said something so profound. He said the first two letters of the word ‘gospel’ are the words, ‘go’. I never thought of it that way but it makes sense. When you consider the early church, our prototype, they were constantly engaged with one another. They worshipped together, witnessed Christ together, gave together, and ate together. There was a strong spirit of unity contained within the early church that advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom grew exponentially. Why? Because the people had joy. Scripture declares that the joy of the Lord is our strength.
When a person is withdrawn, spacey, divisive, or just plain ‘missing’, their countenance speaks for itself. These kinds of people can hardly advance the Kingdom because the joy of the Lord is absent. Therefore, when the zeal and the strength a person needs to witness Christ is absent, opportunities for that person to become actively involved in the ‘go’ing aspect of ministering are passed over.

Jesus said something that still shakes my soul today. He said that in that day He would say to many, “Depart from Me. I never knew you.” Now, under what circumstances would someone ordinarily say, “They don’t know you”, other than the circumstances that define our absence of fellowship? What’s the word for us? Fellowship. Your spiritual family then, if they truly have the heart of God, has been divinely placed in your life to bring joy and the strength of the Lord. Being in the midst of the right kind of people will empower your spirit with the ‘go’ you need to do what the Lord asks of you to do.