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How Fitted Are You For the Work of the Ministry

For those of you who are newly ordained into ministry or are about to be ordained, there is something you need to be fully aware of. There is a battle you are going to face which will challenge every vow you make on that day. On the enemy’s behalf, this is a solemn attempt to sabotage your ministry assignment before you even have to chance to walk in it but on God’s behalf it’s to prove who you really are. I have seen this so many times that it is mind boggling and many of the saints are so excited and eager about being ordained that they are not watching for the test that comes with the assignment.
Every vow you make on the day of your ordination will be brought to you for you to prove that what you said came from the heart and not just your lip service. Yes, the enemy will be used but he is not the one in charge of this process, God is.
Jesus, the moment after He was baptized, filled with Holy Spirit, and given identity, was LED by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted. For 40 days, the devil tormented and harassed Him yet Jesus stood on the word of God and defeated him each and every time. You are no different than our Lord. If He encountered warfare after His public ‘ordination’, so will you.
The enemy will be loosed against you to tempt you at every place in your ministry where God has called you to serve. He will be relentless, fierce, accusatory, and will not leave you alone until God tells him to. You will know, by the time your season of wilderness temptation is over, how qualified you are for the work of the ministry. You will know if you really believe the word of the Lord that was spoken over you. You will know if you are as committed and dedicated to the work as you claimed on your ‘day’. You will know if you have what it takes to stand, fight, and endure hardness as a good soldier. You will know your limitations, the devil will know, and God will know as well.

Mark this word and look back over your life once you were ordained. What happened? Who started whispering in your ear? Where did you feel pulled? How much work of the ministry have you been able to do since that day? Have you upheld your vows before the Lord, your leader, and the people or are you still stuck in the wilderness?


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