Bible Study, purpose, spiritual symbolism

Loose the Donkey and Her Colt

So many times in life we struggle to reach that place of effectiveness, the place where our destiny and purpose intersects, because of the unseen strings binding us. There is nothing much more uncomfortable than knowing what you are supposed to be doing and being unable to perform it. I have felt that way on too many occasions and it took deliverance in my mind, soul, and spirit for me to understand that who I am, what God expects of me, and why I feel led to do certain things to advance God’s Kingdom could not be realized until those unseen bands restricting my movements were loosened, untied, and ultimately destroyed.
What might those bands be, you may ask. The bands and bindings which serve to immobilize us are too many to recall but just to name a few they are; low self esteem, famine in finances, unhealthy relationships, stunted spiritual growth, declining health, and a weary and worn out mind. These things and so much more are the bands that bind us. They serve to hold us hostage to the place of yesterday and prevent us from moving forward. These unseen bindings speak to us out of a cruel tongue. They arrest us and hold us hostage. They put stumbling blocks in our paths and they resist us on every hand but thank God for Jesus. He has come to loose the bands that hold us. He has untied them and destroyed them through His love for us and the power in His name.
Over two thousand years ago, as Jesus made His triumphal entry to Jerusalem, He noticed a donkey and a colt which were bound. Jesus had a redemption plan for that donkey and her colt. He wanted to demonstrate to the entire region that He not only has the power to loose and set free but He also has the power to redeem. Jesus sent a word to the donkey and her colt and commanded them to be loosed. Once they were loosed, He commanded them to serve Him as vehicles of which He would use to announce His coming. I am certain that from that point forward, that donkey and her colt never returned to that place of bondage for whom the Son of Man sets free is free indeed. The season of their bindings had come to an immediate end and they, which were bound, were now being paraded with Jesus for all to see.

My friend, as you read this, I speak to your bindings that they be loosed, untied from around your neck, and destroyed in the name of Jesus. That unseen band which has restricted you and held you against your will is being removed. The circumstances that spoke such cruel and mocking language to you will receive the report of the Lord. That report is that you have been loosed. You have been set free by the Redeemer of your soul and no longer will you allow your unseen bands to hinder you from accomplishing all the Father has placed in your hands to do. You are loosed in Jesus name. Amen.

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