Your Certain Place

A mentally embattled Jacob, weary from wondering about the intentions of his estranged brother Esau, found a place to rest. It wasn’t a Sealy posturepedic mattress where he rested but a rock. He rested his head (thoughts) upon a rock (Christ) and there the heavens opened. Not only did the heavens open unto Jacob but the Lord allowed him to see into the spiritual realm the activity of angels on assignment with regard to his life. Jacob’s life was about to change forever and when he found a ‘certain place’ to rest in the Lord, access was granted to him to literally see what was taking place concerning him.

What is the Lord saying about you? I feel as if there are some of who are literally between a ‘rock’ and a hard place. I assure you that even though this may be a most miserable place, it is actually the best place you can be. Why? Because after your futile attempts to figure out what is happening, you will eventually find yourself resting in the Lord. When you can get to that place of rest, you will see the Lord reveal things to you that will help you understand where you are and what you are facing. You will be able to boldly and confidently face the ‘morrow and you will know beyond a surety that the Lord is with you.

Rest in the Lord, dear friend, and know that though you may experience a whirlwind in your situation, find that certain place. Lay your head on the Lord and let Him ease your burden. Look up in faith and know that you have a heavenly host working with you and for you under direct orders from the God of your salvation. You will face your Esau and you will emerge unscathed.

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