purpose, Salvation

The High Horse in Damascus

Sometimes being knocked down off of your high horse can be the beginning of a beautiful thing. Paul knew the law, he knew the ordinances, he knew the feasts but he didn’t know the Lord. For many of us, myself doubly included, it will take a very humbling experience to draw us into that place in the Lord where we are called. It will take a shift; a paradigm shift in ours lives that ensures and makes certain that we will NEVER be that same person again. Before Christ, I was a selfish person, would curse you out a the drop of a dime, had a violent, fighting spirit, and was very loose in my conduct. After my Damascus experience, though, I became a changed woman. God knocked me down, blinded me in many areas, and would not relent until I gave Him a yes. And even then, my yes only came after two months of hospitalization, a broken home, a death threat against my daughter and me, and extreme poverty.

To the one who thinks they are running from the Lord, you are only asking for a Damascus experience. To the one who thinks they know more than God, you are asking for a Damascus experience. To the one who thinks they can hide and get away from what you KNOW you were born to do, you are setting your own-self up. To the haughty one, like I was, where no one can tell you anything,…….honey, let me tell you, it is coming. When the Lord wants a yes, He is unrelenting. When He has predestined a thing for you, good luck trying to get away with it. And here is something else for you to ponder, even when Paul surrendered, one of the first things the Lord told him was that ‘you are going to suffer for me’!! In other words, if God has to wait for you, you are going to pay for it. Samson can testify of that too. Here is a hint for you if this your message, the day you hear His voice, harden not your heart. Rend your heart unto the Lord, repent of your ways, and give God a yes. Your yes will not make you perfect, God knows I am far from it, but your yes will qualify you to get picked up off the ground and turned in the right direction.


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