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Failure in the Corporate Prayer

A disturbing trend I am noticing is that when the people of God come together for corporate prayer, many of them are waiting for someone to ‘lead’ the prayer. Although there is nothing wrong with a lead intercessor, there is still a responsibility for the others to pray too. Corporate prayer is more than saying, “Yes, Lord. Have your way, Lord. Yes, in the name of Jesus”, it is calling out the petitions of the prayer group aloud and agreeing with others as they call them out too.
When a church or group gathers for prayer, everyone should pray. Not only does this foster the ‘touching and agreeing’ the petition needs, but it also shows how strong our personal prayer altars are. It shows how well versed we are in ‘prayerology’ and it INCLUDES us in the offering up of the matter unto the Lord.
Many have said, “I don’t know how to pray”, but they can talk on the phone all day long about nonsense. Prayer is communication with God. If you can communicate with people, you can pray. While there are many intense methods of prayer, advanced prayer vocabulary, and prayer accessories, the main thing about prayer is the actual praying.
Jesus told us to pray that we enter not into temptation. Why are so many falling into temptation? They don’t pray. When you don’t pray, you don’t have the God-conscience you need to make intelligent decisions. Jesus said to seek Him early. Many of us, however, seek Him late; after a matter has occurred. Prayer makes us proactive while prayerlessness causes to be reactive.
Family, we have to learn how to pray. There is nothing wrong with prayer lines, prayer calls, prayer groups, and etc. if they are truly in touch with the Lord. But if YOU don’t know how to pray for yourself, you will always wait for a ‘prayer leader’ or find yourself parked in someone’s prayer line waiting for someone to do the praying for you. Get to know the Lord personally. Build your own prayer altar at home and keep it burning in the fire of God. If you do so, when you join the corporate prayer, you can truly ‘touch and agree’ versus ‘yessing’ and ‘amening’ your way throughout the entire prayer.

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