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Pain Traffickers

There are people whom I call ‘pain traffickers’ who thrive upon the business of being there when someone is going through a tragedy in their life. They are not consolers with a pure heart, though. Instead, like a leech feeding off of blood, pain traffickers feed off the pain of others. They get a ‘high’ from being needed. This mostly stems from being rejected in their own life and they are seeking a place of prominence in the lives of others. Now, pain traffickers aren’t usually accepted by the average person because they are relatively ordinary people, but to those who are in pain, they become a ‘savior’ of sort, guiding the afflicted person through their pain under the guise of being sincere when in all truth, they want to be involved in your life during your most weakest and vulnerable moments. They pretend to care but are gathering intel about you to use at some later point. When you emerge from your pain and walk away from them in the strength of your healing, they cling on to the person they found you to be. They won’t accept the rehabilitated you and will constantly remind you of how broken you were, how you need time to heal, and that they are still there for you.

A person with the gift of healing functions completely opposite of a pain trafficker. First, we must assume that the gift of healing is not limited to the physical realm, but to the mind and spirit as well. A person gifted with healing will indeed provide stability when you are in your place of pain but they won’t use it to enslave you. They will pray with you, counsel with you, encourage you, and provide resources for you to become whole again. Once you are healed, they realize that their season in your life is over. Just as a doctor releases you from their care when your condition has improved, so does the person with the gift of healing. When you are able to stand on your own, handle your own stuff, and move past your pain, the healer moves on to make themselves available to others. They may check in on you from time to time, but for the most part, they have moved on. A pain trafficker, on the other hand, is not so. Once they become a part of your life, they are there to stay unless you insist otherwise. There is a counterfeit for everything holy. A pain trafficker is a counterfeit of a person with the gift of healing. Equip yourself on this wise and watch accordingly.

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